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  • About Support

  • Windows 7,8 & 10 - Important Notice

    • Microsoft have recently put out a WIndows update that disables a driver used by the copy protection technology used on the CD-ROMs. This means that you may find that some, or all, of the CD-ROMs will no longer work on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

      If you experience problems running the CD-ROMs on Windows 7, 8 or 10, you will need to apply one of the fixed exe files from the link below:

  • Software Compatibility

    • CD-ROMs

      All of our CD-ROMs are designed to run on Windows PC only. We do know that many customers have successfully run our CD-ROMs on Apple Macs by using virtual Windows environments, such as Parallels, but we do not guarantee that this will work. We are unable to give support to non-Windows users trying to run the CD-ROMs. Note: We no longer sell any CBTs on CD-ROM.

      Online CBT

      The Online CBT will run on any platform that supports HTML5 video and the Adobe Flash plugin.

      If you are unsure if your system is capable of viewing the Online CBT Courses, try the demos - the demos are delivered in the same way as the Online CBT.

  • Navigating Within Lessons (Flash Lessons)

    • 'Flash' lessons can be identified by the presence of the following navigation controls:


      Note: There is no volume indication to the left of the slider, and no gap between the slider and buttons.

    • Lessons are comprised of scenes, and each scene has its own playhead.


      You can scan through the current scene with this playhead. The playhead also gives you an indication of how far through the current scene you are.

      At the end of the current scene, click the 'Continue Button' (the right arrow) to move on to the next scene.


      If the continue button is greyed out…


      ….then you have reached the end of the current lesson. You can navigate to the previous scene by clicking the 'Back Button' (the left arrow).

      Quick Navigation Menu

      You can see an overview of the current lesson, and jump to any scene in it, with the Quick Navigation Menu. Open the Quick Navigation Menu by pressing the 'N' key on you keyboard.


      You now see the title of the current lesson, along with the titles of each scene within the current lesson. To jump to a scene, just click its title.

      Keyboard Shortcuts

      The following keyboard shortcuts function whilst viewing a lesson. Note: The lesson window must be 'active' before it will accept any keypresses:


      S = Stop playback.
      P = Play (resume playback).
      Left Arrow = Scan backwards within current scene.
      Right Arrow = Scan Forwards within current scene.
      N = Open Quick Navigation Menu