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      ATPL Air Law: Demo
    • This ICAO based ATPL Air Law course is a self-teach, interactive, multimedia, computer-based training (CBT) course for pilots of all levels, up to ATPL, whether student or qualified. The CBT has been jointly developed by aviation specialists, instructors and multimedia designers from Oxford Aviation Academy, one of the world’s leading professional flying training schools.

      The main aim of this CBT is to enable aviation personnel and student professional pilots to learn about Air Law more effectively, more enjoyably and more rapidly than ever before. A further major objective of this CBT is to prepare student pilots for success in the JAA/EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge examination in Air Law.

      The CD-Rom contains over 500 ATPL-style test questions and answers to enable you to benefit from Oxford Aviation Academy’s unequalled experience in preparing thousands of students for the JAA/EASA ATPL examinations.
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      Lessons: 110
      Questions: 538
      Duration: 661 min
      Size: 1580 MB
    • International Agreements & Organisations
      The Chicago Convention
      International Obligations of Contracted States
      Duties of ICAO Member States
      The International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO
      ICAO Publications
      Other International Agreements and the Freedoms of the Air
      The Conventions of Tokyo. The Hague and Montreal
      The Conventions of Warsaw and Rome
      European Organisations
      The Authority of the Commander

      Airworthiness of Aircraft

      Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks

      Personnel Licencing
      General Requirements
      Personnel Licensing - Ratings
      Private Pilot's Licence Aeroplanes - PPL(A)
      JAA - FCL Commercial Pilot's Licence (Aeroplanes)
      JAA - FCL Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (Aroplanes) Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL)
      JAR - FCL Medical Requirements

      Rules of the Air
      Visual Flight Rules
      Instrument Flight Rules
      Collision Avoidance
      Flight Plans
      Communications Failure
      Aircraft Lights
      Interception of Civil Aircraft
      Distress and Urgency Signals
      Restricted, Prohibited and Danger Areas
      Signals for Aerodrome Traffic
      Marshalling Signals

      Procedures in Flight Operations
      Instrument Procedures
      Departure Procedures
      Approach Procedures
      Approach Procedure Design
      Track Reversals & Racetracks
      Arrival and Approach Segments
      Missed Approach
      Visual Manoeuvring (circling) in the vicinity of the Aerodrome
      Holding Procedures
      Simultaneous Operations on Parallel Runways
      Altimeter Setting Procedures
      SSR and Transponder Operating Procedueres

      Air Traffic Services
      Classes of Airspace
      Units providing Air Traffic Services
      Flight Information Regions
      Air Traffic Route Structure
      Air Traffic Control Service
      Air Traffic Control Clearances
      Control of persons and vehicles at Aerodromes
      Flight Information Service
      Alerting Service
      ATS Communications
      Air Traffic Incidents
      Air Traffic Advisory Service

      Separation Concept
      Vertical Separation
      Separation - Lateral and Procedural Longitudinal
      Radar Separation Standards
      Wake Turbulence
      Separation for Arriving and Departing Aircraft
      Clearance to Maintain Own Separation

      Procedures for Air Traffic Management
      Flow Management and the Provision of Information
      Position Reporting

      Area Control Service
      Air Traffic Control Clearances

      Approach Control Service
      Departing Aircraft
      Arriving Aircraft

      Aerodrome Control Services
      Aerodrome Control Service
      Information to Aircraft.
      Control of Aerodrome Traffic

      Radar Services
      General Radar Procedures including Radar Vectoring
      Radar Controlled Approaches (PAR and SRA)
      Surface Movement Radar.
      Use of Radar

      Aeronautical Information Service
      Aeronautical Information Regulation & Control (AIRAC)
      Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)

      Pavements Runways and Hard Surfaces
      Visual Aids to Navigation

      Aerodrome Lighting and Signs
      Aerodrome Lights
      Approach Lighting Systems
      PAPIS and VASIS
      Runway Lighting
      Taxiway Lighting
      Aerodrome Signs

      Aerodrome Obstacles and Emergency Services
      Visual Aids for Denoting Obstacles
      Visual Aids for Denoting Restricted Use Areas
      Aerodrome Emergency Services
      Apron Management Services inc. Bird Hazard

      Entry & Departure of Aircraft
      Entry & Departure of Persons and Baggage

      Search and Rescue
      Operating Procedures

      Aims and Objectives of Aviation Security
      Management of Response to Incidents & Security Docs

      Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
      Introduction & Definitions
      Investigations, Evidence Custody and Removal of Aircraft
      Notification and Investigation