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      ATPL Airframes and Systems: Demo
    • This interactive training course teaches the subjects of Airframes, Systems and Emergency Equipment up to the standard required by the EASA air transport pilot’s licence syllabus. The course has been developed by aviation specialists and multimedia designers at Oxford Aviation Academy, one of the world’s leading professional flying training schools.

      Though the course is meant primarily for student professional pilots, it will also be valuable to student aircraft engineers as a high quality introduction to airframes and systems. We hope, too, that General Aviation pilots who wish to expand their knowledge will find much to interest them here.

      Qualified airline transport pilots might also find much to interest them, in terms of both fulfilling recurrent training requirements and improving their knowledge of aircraft systems. In order to assist students in their preparation for the ATPL examinations, this course includes over 450 EASA ATPL-style questions and answers.

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      Lessons: 68
      Questions: 492
      Duration: 665 min
      Size: 1050 MB
    • Structures
      Loads Applied to the Airframe
      Airframe Construction
      Materials Used, Failure Statistics and Maintenance Methods
      Basic Principles of Hydromechanics
      Fluids, Pipelines and Seals
      Basic Hydraulic Systems
      System Components
      Actuators and Motors
      Pressure Control
      Flow Control
      Controls and Indicators
      High Pressure Pneumatic Systems
      Landing Gear
      Fixed Gear and Shock Absorption
      Retractable Landing Gear
      Nose Gear
      Operation and Indication
      Safety Features
      Wheels and Tyres
      Tyre Construction
      Tyre Use
      Aircraft Wheelbrakes
      Construction and System Operation
      Anti-skid and Auto-brakes
      Components and Brake Kinetic Energy
      Flight Controls
      Pitch Control
      Roll Control
      Yaw Control
      Aerodynamic Balance
      Flaps and Slats
      Spoilers and Speed Brakes
      Manual Flight Controls
      Powered Controls
      PFC Feel
      Fly By Wire
      Bleed Air Systems
      Air Conditioning (Part 1)
      Air Conditioning (Part 2)
      Pressurisation Control and Operation
      Ice and Rain Protection
      Areas Requiring Protection
      Mechanical Protection
      Thermal Protection
      Fluid Protection
      Windscreen Protection
      Propeller Protection
      Emergency Equipment
      Emergency Exit Provisions
      Emergency Lighting
      Oxygen Systems
      Flight Crew Supplemental Oxygen
      Passenger Supplemental Oxygen
      First Aid Oxygen
      Protective Breathing Equipment
      Fire and Smoke
      Fire Detection
      Fire Extinguishing
      Fire Extinguishants
      APU and Toilet Fire Protection
      Cargo Compartment Classifications
      Fuel Systems
      Fuel Types
      Storage Systems
      Fuel Distribution
      Quantity Indication