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      ATPL Flight Instruments: Demo
    • This multimedia Computer Based Training (CBT) course has been specifically designed for pilots wishing to study for the EASA ATPL Flight Instruments syllabus, though it will also be of interest to all pilots who wish to deepen their understanding of this important topic. The subjects covered range from the fundamental first principles behind the simple ASI and pressure altimeter to full descriptions and detailed graphics of modern avionic systems such as Radio Altimeter, INS, IRS, FMS, EFIS and HUD. This CD-ROM brings together the world renowned technical and teaching experience of CAE Oxford Aviation Academy‚Äôs specialist ATPL instructors and the design talents of CAE Oxford Interactive. The use of this interactive multimedia course enables student professional pilots to become familiar with all aspects of the JAA/EASA ATPL Flight Planning syllabus, including many practical examples and exam-type questions, and to do so in a more enjoyable and rapid manner than with previous paper-based courses.

      You can be confident that in using this course, you will benefit from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's unequalled experience in successfully preparing thousands of students for ATPL examinations.

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      Lessons: 46
      Questions: 435
      Duration: 626 min
      Size: 993 MB
    • Air temperature measurement
      Temperature Sensors. Direct and Remote Reading Thermometers, TAT probes, Errors
      Temperature definitions and corrections
      Pressure Heads
      Pressure heads, Air pressure definitions, Air pressure instruments
      Pitot/Static system errors and corrective measures
      Air Speed Indicator
      Principle of operation, calibration, IAS, CAS,EAS,TAS
      ASI definitions, blockages, summary
      The Pressure Altimeter
      Principle of operation, calibration and types
      Altimeter Settings
      Transition, Pressure Altitude, and Density Altitude
      Altimeter errors, blockages, pressure settings
      Vertical Speed Indicator, VSI/IVSI
      Vertical Speed Indicator
      Theory, Operation and Construction
      Machmeter, Mach,TAS,CAS relationship
      Angle of Attack Measurement
      Angle of Attack Measurement
      Air Data Computer (ADC)
      Air Data Computer
      Magnetism and Compasses
      Basic Magnetism
      The Direct Reading Compass
      The Direct Reading Compass
      Aircraft Magnetism
      Aircraft Magnetism
      The Gyro-Magnetic Compass
      Principle of operation, system construction
      Flux valve
      Compass Components and Remote Transmission
      Gyroscopic Theory
      Types of Gyros
      Directional Gyro (DGI)
      Principle of Operation/Errors
      Drift Rate Calculations
      Artificial Horizon
      Artificial Horizon
      Turn Co-ordinator, and Turn and Slip Indicator
      Turn Co-ordinator, and Turn and Slip Indicator
      Inertial Navigation System (INS)
      Principle of operation
      Data Flow
      Platform Stabilisation
      Inertial Reference System (IRS)
      IRS Introduction
      Ring Laser Gyro
      IRS Summary
      Modern Avionics
      Radio Altimeter
      FMS - Purpose and Components
      FMS - Equipment Operation
      EFIS - EADI
      EFIS - EHSI, display and modes
      Head Up Display (HUD)
      Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS)