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    • met
      ATPL Meteorology
    • Oxford Aviation Training and the Met Office have developed a self-teach, media-rich, interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) course of theoretical and practical Meteorology aimed at both student and qualified pilots. Instruction is up to JAA ATPL level, but as the course is designed for beginners it is suitable for CPL and PPL pilots, too.

      The main aim of this CBT is to give pilot-oriented training in Aviation Met theory and to teach pilots to use this theory to interpret met forecasts and reports in order to plan safe and expeditious flying sorties. The secondary aim of the CBT is to teach pilots how to extract and interpret met information from the Met Office's web site.

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    • Information
      Lessons: 61
      Questions: 928
      Duration: 581 min
      Size: 1130 MB
    • The Atmosphere
      Pressure (2 parts)
      Pressure Systems (3 parts)
      Altimetry (3 parts)
      Temperature (2 parts)
      Humidity (2 parts)
      Adiabatics and Stability (2 parts)
      Turbulence (2 parts)
      Lower Winds (5 parts)
      Upper Winds (2 parts)
      Clouds and Precipitation (4 parts)
      Thunderstorms (2 parts)
      Visibility (2 parts)
      Aircraft Icing (2 parts)
      Air Masses and Fronts (3 parts)
      Depressions (2 parts)
      Global Climatology (3 parts)
      Area Climatology (3 parts)
      Remote Sensing (2 parts)
      METARs (3 parts)
      TAFs (2 parts)
      Spot Wind Charts
      Low Level Sig Wx Charts
      High Level Significant Weather Charts (2 parts)
      The SIGMET
      The AIRMET
      In Flight Briefing
      Met Office Services