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      ATPL Operational Procedures: Demo
    • This Computer-Based Training (CBT) course teaches the subject of Operational Procedures up to the standard required by the EASA air transport pilot’s licence syllabus.

      There are lessons explaining global and European requirements for documentation, certification and responsibilities concerning operators, flight and cabin crews and maintenance organisations. Also covered are the requirements for emergency equipment, flight deck instrumentation, crew training and long range flights, as well as special procedures for unusual weather conditions, carriage of dangerous goods, and emergencies.

      Though the course is meant primarily for student professional pilots, we hope that private pilots who wish to expand their knowledge will also find much to interest them.

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  • Full Course Contents

    • Information
      Lessons: 38
      Questions: 197
      Duration: 332 min
      Size: 527 MB
    • Global Requirements
      General Introduction to Annex 6
      International Air Transport in Aeroplanes
      Safety Management and Documentation
      Aeroplane Navigation Lights
      European Requirements
      Operator Certification and Responsibilities
      Operational Control
      Crew Responsibilities
      Crew Responsibilities - Flight Preparation
      Crew Responsibilities - In-flight and General
      Crew Responsibilities - Approach, Landing and After
      All Weather Operations
      Aerodrome Operating Minima
      Selection of Aerodrome
      Documentation - Company
      Flight Deck Instrumentation and Equipment 1
      Flight Deck Instrumentation and Equipment 2
      Cabin/Emergency Equipment
      Maintenance Requirements
      Crew Training and Limitations
      Crew Training and Limitations (Part 2)
      Long Range Flights
      Flight Management
      Transoceanic and Polar Flight
      The North Atlantic
      Special Procedures and Hazards
      Noise Abatement
      Fire and Smoke
      Wind Shear and Microburst
      Wake Turbulence
      Emergency/Precautionary Landings
      Fuel Jettison
      Transport of Dangerous Goods
      Runway Contamination