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    • VFR
      VFR RT Communications: Demo
    • This interactive, multimedia Radiotelephony (RT) tutor, created by Oxford Aviation Training, is designed to give you tuition in the RT skills you need when flying in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) anywhere in the world. All RT procedures and phraseology taught in this CD-ROM are fully compliant with ICAO requirements. The tutor will also help you prepare for the JAR-FCL VFR Communications examination and for the RT Operator's Licence test. The CR-ROM is ideal for both the beginner and for the qualified pilot who wishes to refresh existing skills.
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    • Information
      Lessons: 48
      Questions: 108
      Duration: 225 min
      Size: 34 MB
    • Introduction to VHF Voice Comms
      Introduction to VHF Voice Comms
      Transmission and Selection of Frequencies
      General Operating Procedures
      Transmission technique
      Transmission of letters
      Transmission of numbers
      Transmission of time
      RT Call Signs (Aeronautical Stations)
      RT Call Signs (Aircraft
      Establishment and Continuation of Comms
      Transfer of Communications
      Test Procedures
      Categories of messages
      Readback Requirements
      General Phraseology
      Level Instructions
      Flight Plans
      Aerodrome Control Aircraft
      Departure Information
      Taxi Instructions
      Take Off Procedures
      Aerodrome Trafice Circuit
      Final Approach and Landing
      Go Around
      After Landing
      Essential Aerodrome Information
      Aerodrome Control Vehicles
      Movement Instructions
      Crossing Runways
      Vehicles Towing Aircraft
      Flight Information Service
      Flight Information Service
      General Radar Phraseology
      Radar ID and Vectoring
      Traffic Info and Avoiding Action
      Secondary Surveillance Radar
      Approach Control
      VFR Departures
      VFR Arrivals
      Aerodrome Weather
      Weather Broadcast
      Communications Failure
      Communications Failure
      Distress and Urgency
      VHF Propagation
      Principles of VHF Propagation
      Flight Scenario
      Intro to VFR Flight
      VFR Flight Scenario