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      PPL Air Law and Operational Procedures: Demo
    • Like any community, the world of aviation is governed by laws and regulations. And, as in any field of human activity, if you are to become an effective, safe and responsible member of the aviation community, you must know you Air Law and abide by its precepts.

      Because aviation is an activity that is global in scope, Air Law applies internationally as well as nationally. Organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), lay down regulations and procedures which, to a very great extent, are enshrined in the national legislation of ICAO's member countries, including the United Kingdom, and in the rules of other multi-national authorities such as the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).

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    • Air Law
      Aviation Law and Legislation
      Rules of the Air
      Air Traffic Regulations and Services
      Air Traffic Services
      Aircraft Nationality and Certification
      Pilots' Licences
      Operational Procedures
      Operation of Aircraft
      Distress and Urgency
      Aircraft Accident Investigation
      Noise Abatement Procedures