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    • PPL02
      PPL Human Performance and Limitations: Demo
    • For a pilot, the study of Human performance and Limitations is crucial to an understanding of the central role played by the human factor in promoting safety and efficiency in flying operations. A thorough understanding of this subject is essential if you are to develop the high standards of airmanship required of all those who fly, whether as a private or professional pilot.

      In this interactive computer-based training (CBT) course, we aim to teach you the essentials of what you need to know about the interaction between the human being, his aircraft and the flying environment.

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    • Information
      Lessons: 12
      Questions: 138
      Duration: 277 min
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    • Introduction
      The Atmosphere
      The Atmosphere
      Basic Physiology
      The Human Body
      Effects of Partial Pressure
      Flying & Health
      Basic Psychology
      The Information Process
      Judgement and Decision Making
      Verbal Communication
      The Cockpit