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    • PPL05
      PPL Aircraft General and Principles of Flight
    • Aircraft (General)teaches you all you need to know about the systems of a modern light aircraft, so that you can fly your aircraft efficiently and safely, while exercising proper care of the aeroplane itself. Systems covered include the electric, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic systems, its engine and its instruments.

      For those who fly, a thorough knowledge of the Principles of Flight is also essential if they are to fully appreciate the flight characteristics of their aircraft and become safe and proficient pilots. This interactive, graphically-rich computer-based training (CBT) course provides pilots, whether student or qualified, with an effective and enjoyable method of studying, and testing themselves in, the scientific principles upon which flight depends.

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    • Information
      Lessons: 23
      Questions: 276
      Duration: 574 min
      Size: 813 MB
    • Engines and Systems
      Landing Gear / Tyres / Breaks
      Engines General
      Engine Cooling
      Ignition Systems
      Aero Engine Fuel and Fuel Systems
      Engine Handling
      Electrical System
      Vacuum System
      Flight Instruments
      Pressure Instruments
      Gyroscopic Instruments and Magnetic Compass
      Engine Instruments
      Engine Instruments
      Principles of Flight
      The Atmosphere
      Sub-sonic Airflow and The 4 Forces on an Aircraft
      Aerofoils and Lift and Drag
      Lift Augmentation and Stability
      Flight and Trimming Controls
      Stalling and Spinning
      Flight and Ground Limitations