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ATPL Air Law update?
by Halvdan Hellenes - Thursday, 15 January 2015, 3:35 PM

I am doing a modular ATPL(A) theory course here in Norway, using all of the OAA CBT's on the different subjects.

Working with Air Law now, it strikes me that quite a deal of the content referring to JAR must now be outdated given EASA has taken over. For example JAR-FCL having been replaced by EASA Part-FCL with new licence validity times.

I was a bit surpriced that no online update on this subject (as is checked upon installing the CD ROM) was available. And not so in written under "Content Updates" here on the forum regarding ATPL Air Law either.

Will this be done?

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Re: ATPL Air Law update?
by Jon Williams - Friday, 27 March 2015, 12:39 PM

We are currently working on an update to the Air Law CBT; this will be available later in the year.