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Re: oxford atpl cd-rom won't play
by Jon Williams - Friday, 5 August 2016, 1:01 PM

I cannot replicate this on any of our test machines so this is really hard to troubleshoot. We have seen this before - for reasons that we do not know, in some configurations Windows renders the CBT window at the wrong size and truncates the bottom. I can give you some steps to try and correct this:

1) Run the Gas Turbines CBT
2) When it is running, right-click in the CBT window and choose 'Open Debugger'
3) In the debug window, click the red 'Debug' button and then enter the following into the Scripting window:

(the stage).rect = (0,0,1024,768)

4) Click 'DO'. The CBT window should now be positioned in the top-left of your desktop and should be the correct size (1024px x 768px)

5) If the CBT is not filling the window, run the following script:

(the stage).drawRect(0,0,1024,768)

If the above works for you, you can do a very similar thing for the Piston Engines CBT. To open the debugger in Piston Engine, right-click in the top-left of the CBT window.

I hope this helps