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"Cannot locate the CD-ROM"
by Jon Williams - Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 5:30 PM

This error message is generated by SafeDisc (the copy protection used on older CD-ROMs) failing to locate the digital signature on the CD-Rom. There are several causes of this:

1) The Original CD-Rom is not in your CD-ROM drive.

2) If you have more than one CD-Rom drive, try running the disk from each one.

3) Disable any virtual drives or CD emulation software.

4) Try running the software in 'Compatibility Mode'.

5) Get the latest firmware for the CD-Rom drive. Firmware is the software that runs inside a piece of equipment. It essentially tells it what it is and how to behave. Firmware updates, if any, will be available from the CD-Rom manufactures website. Use dxdiag to find the exact model number of a CD-Rom drive.

6) SafeMode 'Fix' - DRM problems have been fixed by carrying out the following procedure:

  • Boot into Safe Mode (Press F8 during bootup and then select Safe Mode form the on screen menu).
  • Try and run the software; the software may still failto run at this point.
  • Restart Windows normally and try running the software again.