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PPL Book 1: Air Law (1st Edition)
by Jon Williams - Wednesday, 19 February 2014, 6:21 PM

Page 56: Operational Procedures Questions. The correct answer to question 27 is "a" not "b". See blue boxes on Page 45 (Operational Procedures).

Page 45: Figure 2.28
Figure 2.28, depicting ICAO Visual Meteorological Conditions minima, contains an inaccuracy. The correct version of the diagram is given below.

Page 177: The Air Navigation Order/United Kingdom Rules
For clarification, the UK Rules Of The Air are not promulgated by the Air Navigation Order (ANO), but are a separate statuary instrument (SI). The ANO is SI 2005 No 1970 (as amended), while the Rules of the Air Regulations are a separate SI: SI 2007 No 734. The Air Navigation (General) Regulations are another SI: SI 2006 No 601.

CAP 393 is published by the CAA and contains copies of these 3 SIs, reformatted in the case of the ANO.

Low Flying is the subject of Rule of the Air No 5, not "ANO Rule 5".

Page 179: VMC minima for helicopters
Helicopter VMC minima now the same as for aeroplanes.

Page 181: Figure 11.2
Ignore the two helicopters and associated text as helicopter VMC minima are now the same as for aeroplanes.

Page 182: The quadrantal rule.

  1. In the blue box, Line Three, "nearest" should read "highest".
  2. Under "Note:", "The Quadrantal Rule applies only below Flight Level 245..." should read: "The Quadrantal Rule applies only below Flight Level 195..."
  3. Flight Level 245 is not available as a cruising Flight Level." should read: "Flight Level 195 is not available as a cruising Flight Level."
  4. The table entitled QUADRANTAL RULE should now read as below:

Magnetic Track Flight Level (FL)
360° but less than 090° FL 30, 50, 70, 90 etc, up to FL 190
090° but less than 180° FL 35, 55, 75, 95 etc, up to FL 175
180° but less than 270° FL 40, 60, 80, 100 etc, up to FL 180
270° but less than 360° FL 45, 65, 85, 105 etc, up to FL 185

Page 190: The display of lights by aircraft.
The sentence under the main heading DISPLAY OF LIGHTS BY AIRCRAFT informs the reader that this topic is covered in the Operational Procedures section of the book. This information is wrong. The regulations governing the display of lights by aircraft in the United Kingdom are identical to the ICAO regulations, coverage of which begins in Chapter 2, Rules of the Air (ICAO), on Page 33.

Underneath title WEATHER REPORTS AND WEATHER MINIMA, second paragraph, Line Two, "from" should say "to".

Page 194:Landing and departure details.
Underneath sub title Landing and Departure Details, Line One, "40 nautical miles" should read "40 kilometres".

Page 220: Airwothiness in the United Kingdom Questions. The correct answer to question 9 is "a".

Page 233: The quadrantal rule.
Underneath sub title The Quadrantal Rule , Line 2, "Flight Level 245" should read "Flight Level 195".

Page 252: Radar Advisory Service
For clarification, the final sentence under this heading should read: A Radar Advisory Service (RAS) is available to IFR flights whether in IMC or VMC. However, pilots not qualified to fly in IMC should accept an RAS only where compliance with ATC advice permits the flight to be continued in uninterrupted VMC.

Page 256: Airspace Division
Chapter 14, Question 19. The correct answer is c. In the visual circuit, the "Downwind" call is normally given abeam the upwind end of the runway.

Page 306: Lighting of En-route Obstacles
The section Lighting of En-route Obstacles, should read;

All obstacles over 492 feet (150 metres) would normally be lit with a steady red light but, in exceptional circumstances, may be lit by a high intensity, white flashing warning light. Whichever type of light is used, it will be situated as close to the top of the obstacle as possible.

Page 346: Urgency signals
Underneath sub title Urgency Signals, Bottom line. The morse code shown for XXX is incorrect. Replace "(-.. -.. -..)" by "( _.._ _.._ _.._ )".

Page 359 - 362: Changes to Marshalling Signals.
Page 359: The turn to port signal has been modified in the new CAP 637 to:


Page 360: Turn to starboard signal has been modified in the new CAP 637 to:


Page 362: Chocks inserted and chocks away signals have been modified in the new CAP 637 to:

Chocks In


Chocks Away


Page 387: Validity of Class 2 Medical Certificate.
The intervals between required Class 2 medical examinations are incorrect. The intervals should read.

Up to the age of 40 years: every 60 months.

40 years up to 49 years: every 24 months.

50 years and over: every 12 months.