Windows 7,8 and 10 - Fixed Exes

Fixed Exes for Windows 7,8 and 10

Microsoft have recently put out a Windows update that disables a driver used by the copy protection technology used on the CD-ROMs. This means that you may find that some, or all, of the CD-ROMs will no longer work on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

If you experience problems running the CD-ROMs on Windows 7, 8 or 10, you will need to apply one of these fixed exe files.


Note: More detailed instructions can be found here:

  1. Insert the product CD-ROM and install the software.
  2. From the links below, download the fixed exe for your product (the fixed exe is compressed into a zip archive).
  3. Extract the fixed exe from the downloaded zip archive.
  4. Replace the exe file in your install location (default is specified in "File to Replace") with the file extracted in step 3.
  5. Run the software.
Product Version Download File to Replace
AC Electrics - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL AC Electrics\system\AC-menu.exe
Air Law - C:\Program Files (x86)\CAE Oxford Interactive\ATPL Air Law\system\AL-menu.exe
Aircraft Performance 2.1, 1/12/2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Aircraft Performance\system\AP-menu.exe
Airframes and Systems - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Airframes, Systems and Emergency Equipment\system\AS-menu.exe
Auto Flight - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Autoflight\system\AF-menu.exe
DC Electrics - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL DC Electrics\system\DC-menu.exe
ATPL Exam Preparation - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Exam Preparation\system\Q-menu.exe
Flight Instruments - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Flight Instruments\system\IN-menu.exe
Flight planning - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Flight Planning\system\FP-menu.exe
Gas Turbine Engines - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Gas Turbine Engines\system\GE-menu.exe
General Navigation - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL General Navigation\system\GN-menu.exe
Human Performance - Part 1 - C:\Program Files (x86)\CAE Oxford Interactive\ATPL Human Performance (Part 1)\system\HP-menu.exe
Human Performance - Part 2 - C:\Program Files (x86)\CAE Oxford Interactive\ATPL Human Performance (Part 2)\system\HU-menu.exe
Mass and Balance - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Mass and Balance\system\MB-menu.exe
Meteorology 3.0, 01/06/2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Meteorology\system\MET-menu.exe
Operational Procedures - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Operational Procedures\system\OP-menu.exe
Piston Engines - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Piston Engines\system\PE-menu.exe
Principles of Flight - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Principles of Flight\system\PF-menu.exe
Radio Navigation - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Radio Navigation\system\RN-menu.exe
Warning and Recording - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\ATPL Warning and Recording\system\WR-menu.exe
Product Version Download File to Replace
Disk 1: Air Law 2.1, 01/11/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL01 - Air Law\system\PPL01-menu.exe
Disk 2: Human Performance 2.1, 01/12/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL02 - Human Performance\system\PPL02-menu.exe
Disk 3: Navigation 2.1, 01/08/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL03 - Navigation and Radio Aids\system\PPL03-menu.exe
Disk 4: Meteorology 2.1, 01/11/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL04 - Meteorology\system\PPL04-menu.exe
Disk 5: AGK 2.0, 01/12/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL05 - Aircraft General\system\PPL05-menu.exe
Disk 6: Flight Planning 2.0, 01/12/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL06 - Flight Performance\system\PPL06-menu.exe
PPL Exam Preparation - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\PPL Exam Preparation\system\PQ-menu.exe
Misc CD-ROMs
Product Version Download File to Replace
The IMC Rating 1.6 1/12/2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\IMC Rating\system\IMC-menu.exe
Night Qualification 1.2 1/11/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Night Qualification\system\NQ-menu.exe
Navigation Computers 1.0, 03/06/2011 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Navigation Computers\system\NC-menu.exe
Practical Flying Training 1.2, 01/08/2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Practical Flying Training\system\PFT-menu.exe
VFR RT Communications 2.5, 01/12/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\VFR RT Communications\system\VFR-menu.exe
VFR UK Supplement 01/10/2009 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\UK Supplement\system\UK-menu.exe
IFR RT Communications 2.1, 01/04/2010 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\IFR RT Communications\system\IFR-menu.exe
GCSE: Essential Maths - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\G.C.S.E. Maths\system\EG-menu.exe
GCSE: Physics - Part 1 C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Physics Part 1 - Electricity & Magnetism\system\EL-menu.exe
GCSE: Physics - Part 2 - C:\Program Files (x86)\OAAmedia\Physics Part 2 - Forces, Motion & Astronomy\system\FM-menu.exe
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