Information to include if emailing Tech Support

Please supply all of the information requested below and a System Information File, and send to:

Required Information

  • Product Name
  • CD Catalogue No (*):
  • When and where purchased
  • Nature of the Problem (include the exact wording of any error messages)
  • A System Information File

*: The CD catalogue number is found on the silver-side of the CD-ROM. It is an alpha-numeric code of around 8 characters, for example; EX10 10 @ 2.

To make a System Information File:

  1. Click START - Run (or hold the Windows key and press R).
  2. Type 'msinfo32' and click OK. This will open MSInfo.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose 'Save'. Name your file [your name].nfo, and save it.

If you have Winzip, zip the .nfo file; this will reduce the size to only a few KB.

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